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Upthrust Esports The Patriot Cup BGMI; Day 4 standings and qualifiers

Semi-Finals for The Patriot Cup by Upthrust Esports have concluded, and the top 16 teams will move to the grand finals. The event features a prize pool of Rs 8 lakh

The grand finals will start on January 28 and will also feature four days of intense matches among the 16 teams. The winner will take home the championship trophy along with Rs 2.5 lakh from the prize pool.

Here are all the qualifying teams –

Orangutan – 136 points
Global Esports – 123 points
Team SouL – 123 points
Medal Esports – 111 points
Reckoning Esports – 111 points
WSB Gaming – 109 points
TWM Gaming – 108 points
OREsports – 101 points
Team Tamilas – 94 points
Entity Gaming – 94 points
Aerobotz Esports – 92 points
Gods Reign – 89 points
Hyderabad Hydras – 85 points
Chemin Esports – 84 points
GodLike Esports – 84 points
Autobotz Esports – 83 points

While Team SouL did have a good run, they lost their first spot. However, the important thing was to qualify for the real fight, which they did. Orangutan had a great day and jumped to the first spot.

Global Esports also had the same amount of points as Team SouL, however, more chicken dinners landed them in second place.

Godlike Esports barely made it into the top 16 along with Autobotz Esports. Few others like Revenant Esports, Team Xspark and more were not able to qualify.

Top fraggers

AKop from Orangutan was the top fragger with 37 finishes. The second position is held by Slug88 from Global Esports, while the third place again is secured by Drigger from Orangutan with 29 finishes.

However, the real battle starts in the grand finals, where the MVPs and Dominating Players will also be awarded. Matches are to be streamed live on Upthrust Esports’ official channel.

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