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Snapdragon BGMI Pro Series 2024 Day 3 team standings

BGMI Pro Series

The ongoing Snapdragon BGMI Pro Series has successfully concluded its day 3 matches of Challenge Season. The top three teams for Day 3 included Revenant Esports, Orangutan and Entity Gaming.

Out of 32 total teams, the top 16 will be moving forward towards the challenge finals. For that, the teams seem to be dedicated to giving their best.

Day 3 match winners

Match 1 – Revenant Esports (31 points)
Match 2 – GenxFM Esports (29 points)
Match 3 – Big Brother Esports (28 points)
Match 4 – Team XSpark (24 points)
Match 5 – Orangutan (25 points)
Match 6 – Hydra (21 points)

Despite a win on Day 3, Hydra is yet to make it to the safe zone due to early eliminations of Day 1 and 2. Team XSpark is also in the red, however a few more good matches are sure to push them ahead.

Here are the current overall team standings for qualifying brackets after Day 3

Team Prince – 95 points
Gods Reign – 90 points
Revenant Esports – 90 points
Chemin Esports – 89 points
Alibaba Raiders – 88 points
Entity Gaming – 87 points
Team Soul – 84 points
Team Forever – 83 points
GENxFM Esports – 83 points
Gujarat Tigers – 76 points
Orangutan – 74 points
OREsports – 72 points
Team Together Esports – 67 points
Blind Esports – 66 points
Big Brother Esports – 65 points
GodLike Esports – 64 points

While top teams like Team Prince, Gods Reign and Revenant Esports are currently leading on the scoreboard, other teams are also not far behind. In fact, the games are even more exciting with how close the top teams are to each other.

There are still 9 more days left of intense matches. While the current qualifiers position will surely change, having a solid footing before reaching the endgame is a sure way to secure a spot for the grand finals.

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