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UMA takes home $1 million with Capcom Cup X championship trophy

Capcom Cup X UMA

After four days of intense fights between 48 players, we now have our first Street Fighter 6 champion. Wang “UMA” Yuan-hao from Taiwan have become a million overnight after securing the Capcom Cup X grand final.

UMA matched with Wong “Chris Wong” Yuk-cheung, a fighting game legend from Hong Kong. What’s even more fascinating is that UMA defeated Chris Wong twice.

This year’s Capcom Cup was also quite different and featured a prize pool of over 1.7 million. However, the winner was set to take home $1 million. Prior to this tournament, UMA only had around $6,000 in winnings.

The official Capcom Fighter games and Street Fighter also congratulated the Taiwanese player for the achievement. “Congratulations to UMA for being the first Street Fighter 6 Capcom Cup champion and for winning $1,000,000!” the official post said.

First in the winners’ finals, UMA sent Wong to the losers’ finals. Wong however made a comeback and faced UMA again in the grand finals. However, sending Wong to the losers’ final gave UMA a huge advantage.

Grand final overview

Wong opened up strong with Luke, however, he was at a disadvantage. Players coming from the Losers bracket will need to win three games to reset the bracket. On the other hand, UMA needed to win only three for the championship.

The grand final was first to three (Ft3) however, the first three rounds won by Wong made the bracket rest. This helped UMA to analyse the play style of the opponent and counter properly.

With the real fight beginning, UMA managed to secure all three rounds back to back without giving Wong any chance. The fight ended with a beautiful stun on Wong and UMA finishing the game.

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