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ESL BGMI Pro Series; Day 11 overview

As the final day for ESL BGMI Pro Series draws close, the matches are getting more intense. The top teams are not ready to give anyone their spots, while the lower ranks are having cut-throat competition.

Chemin Esports have once again displayed dominating performance and secured the top spot in qualifiers. The team currently boasts 372 points thanks to back-to-back chicken dinners with over 10 finishes.

The second spot is secured by Team SouL 329 who had an off-day. However, thanks to their previous games, the team is still in the top three. The third place is held by Entity Gaming, who also had their worst day in the qualifiers.

All Match winners for Day 11

  • Match 1 – Revenant Esports secured the first match with 25 points.
  • Match 2 – Blind Esports dominated the second match with a massive 31-point victory.
  • Match 3 – Global Esports took the classic map of Erangel with 29 points.
  • Match 4 – Carnival Gaming managed to secure a match with 25 points.
  • Match 5 – Chemin Esports dominates the battlefield with 30 points chicken dinner.
  • Match 6 – Showing their firepower, Chemin Esports secured their second match for the day with 29 points

Here are the standings for the top 16 teams –

Chemin Esports – 372 points
Team SouL – 329 points
Entity Gaming – 328 points
Global Esports – 325 points
WSB Gaming – 304 points
Revenant Esports – 295 points
Blind esports – 290 points
Team Iflick – 290 points
Gods Reign – 273 points
Gujarat Tigers – 271 points
Team Forever – 264 points
Orangutan – 263 points
Carnival Gaming – 262 points
GodLike Esports – 249 points
GENxFM Esports – 247 points
Alibaba Raiders – 244 points

Some other popular teams like TeamXSpark, Autobotz Esports and Medal Esports are far from reaching top 16. With the last qualifier day remaining, it is unlikely that these teams will make it to the grand finals.

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