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Patch 1.5 for ‘The Finals’ getting many changes and fixes

The Finals is getting a major update in its patch 1.5 and will be featuring a ton of changes requested by players. Along with that, new modes and general improvements are also focused on by Embark Studios.

Over the course of the release, the developers have been making multiple fixes relatively quickly to balance out all the elements in the game. While it is necessary in all games, a quick response from the devs is always appreciated.

Full details of changes and additions will be available inside the patch notes after the update. For now, here’s an overview of what coming in the new patch –

‘Solo Bank It’ mode

Bank it is one of the main game modes in The Finals. The mode usually contains four teams of three, however, with the new update, players will be able to go solo. Players are hoping for a chaotic, fun match with every person for themselves.

Balance changes and Improved security

Balancing a weapon, the ability of a class is very crucial in order to give everyone a fair chance. Multiple balance changes are expected, with full reveal in patch notes. Furthermore, the players also reported cheating and exploit issues which are also to be addressed.

Bug fixes and a Bigger store

Finally, any bugs reported by players of something that is not working properly will also be fixed in the upcoming update. Another complaint that players had was a lack of cosmetics, which is a first as players usually stay away from those.

It’s good to see developers focusing on the game first, however, due to demand, the cosmetics store is also planning to have new items.

The game still nets over 70,000 players along on Steam and is available on both Xbox and PlayStation. It is currently considered one of the best fps PvP games, with fans expecting potential esports tournaments.

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