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Team Secret backs away from PUBG Mobile esports

With the start of 2024, European esports organization Team Secret have announced their exit from competitive PUBG Mobile. While the org pins the reason due to low viewership, a clear reason remains vague.

Started back in 2019, it was one of the first major esports organizations in PUBG Mobile esports. Over the years, the team saw both success and defeats across multiple tournaments.

Reason for departure

Last year, PUBG Mobile was the second most-watched mobile esports across the globe. The game also saw a peak viewership of almost 1 million. However, the org calling out viewership did not sit well with fans.

While the numbers were not as great as Mobile Legends, it was significantly higher than other games in the mobile esports category.

They also talked about how PMSL is transitioning towards a full franchised league, which looks like the main reason. In a franchised league, most of the teams are invited, with very few getting a chance to compete with hard work.

“As the decision has been made to transition to a fully franchised league, we do not see that potential anymore. Everyone who has been following the scene has noticed that this isn’t what it used to be: viewership went down, fans moved on to greener pastures,” Team Secret posted.

This leads to dreams of many good players in smaller teams remain a dream. It seems that the move was not appreciated by Team Secret. While the partnership program is also quite new, it remains to be seen if it will have a positive or negative effect on the community.

Team Secret have also parted ways with its current PUBG Mobile roster, thanking them for their involvement. The roster included Helton, Putra, RyZai and Zral. It is not clear what the players will be doing moving forward.

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