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VCT Challengers Japan Split 1; Teams and Format

Valorant Challengers for Japan Split is currently underway with eight teams and a prize pool of 5 million yen. None of the teams are partnered, as such they will need to make their way to the VCT Ascension through challengers.

Here are the teams for Japan Split 1 –

Sengoku Gaming
Murash Gaming

Format –

All eight teams are currently facing each other in the Regular Season. Matches will be played in a single round-robin in the best-of-three format. After the Regular Season concludes, the top six teams will move to the Playoffs.

Playoffs will start March 12 and will feature upper and lower brackets. Out of the six qualifying teams, the top two will move to the upper bracket directly to the semi-finals. The other four will have to fight each other in the lower brackets quarter-finals.

Matches will be played in a double-elimination bracket. While all matches will be best-of-three, the grand finals will be best-of-five. Furthermore, the top four teams will also move to Split 2.

As of now, all teams have played one match each. Reject, Varrel, Fennel and Murash Gaming have won their matches and are currently on top of the leaderboard.

Here are all the matchups –

  • Day 1 – February 3

Scarz Vs Fennel (1-2)
Reject Vs Igzist (2-0)

  • Day 2 – February 4

Varrel Vs Sengoku Gaming (2-0)
Northeption Vs Murash Gaming (1-2)

  • Day 3 – February 10

Igzist Vs Fennel
Varrel Vs Murash Gaming
Sengoku Gaming Vs Northeption

  • Day 4 – February 11

Scarz Vs Reject
Varrel Vs Fennel
Murash Gaming Vs Igzist

  • Day 5 – February 12

Sengoku Gaming Vs Scarz
Reject Vs Northeption

  • Day 6 – February 15

Northeption Vs Igzist
Varrel Vs Scarz

  • Day 7 – February 16

Reject Vs Murash Gaming
Sengoku Gaming Vs Fennel

  • Day 8 – March 2

Murash Gaming Vs Fennel
Scarz Vs Northeption

  • Day 9 – March 3

Varrel Vs Igzist
Sengoku Gaming Vs Reject

  • Day 10 – March 8

Varrel Vs Reject
Northeption Vs Fennel

  • Day 11 – March 9

Varrel Vs Northeption
Scarz Vs Murash Gaming
Sengoku Gaming Vs Igzist

  • Day 12 – March 10

Sengoku Gaming Vs Murash Gaming
Reject Vs Fennel
Scarz Vs Igzist

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