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Intel Extreme Masters Katowice; All qualifying teams and match ups

The real battle for Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Katowice 2024 is set to start today, February 3. Sixteen teams will face each other and fight for the $1 million prize pool. Eight of these teams qualified through Play-In, while the other eight received a direct invite.

The winner of the IEM Katowice 2024 will also receive a direct spot to the IEM Cologne 2024 and BLAST Premier World Final. This is a great opportunity for teams to try and get their hands on a free spot.

Here are all the teams and how they qualified –

Play-In Teams

  • Upper brackets
  1. Eternal Fire
  2. Heroic
  3. Team Spirit
  4. GamerLegion

Lower Brackets

  1. Cloud9
  2. ENCE
  3. Apeks
  4. Rebels Gaming

Direct Invites

  1. G2 Esports (IEM Cologne 2023)
  2. MOUZ (ESL Pro League Season 18)
  3. FaZe Clan (IEM Sydney 2023)
  4. Team Vitality (ESL World Ranking)
  5. Complexity Gaming (ESL World Ranking)
  6. Natus Vincere (ESL World Ranking)
  7. Monte (ESL World Ranking)
  8. Team Falcons (ESL World Ranking)

These Teams will be divided into two groups of eight. Both groups will have matches in double-elimination format. Teams losing one match will move to the losers bracket in both groups, a second loss will lead to elimination.

Here are the group-stage matchups –

  • Group A (February 3)

Natus Vincere Vs Team Spirit
FaZe Clan Vs Rebels Gaming
Apeks Vs Complexity
Eternal Fire Vs Team Falcons

  • Group B (February 4)

Heroic Vs G2 Esports
Team Vitality Vs ENCE
Cloud9 Vs MOUZ
Monte Vs GamerLegion

All the matches in group stages will be best-of-three. The top three teams from each group will move to the Playoff leading to the grand finals. Teams securing first position in group stages will get a head start from others.

Playoffs will feature a single-elimination bracket, meaning a single loss will be the end of the road for teams. Grand finals will be played as best-of-five.

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