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‘We are still in shock’: Andrew Symonds’ wife Laura opens up about his sudden demise

Laura Symonds, wife of the late Andrew Symonds opens up on the all-rounders sudden demise following a fatal car accident.

Andrew Symonds
Andrew Symonds (Image Source: Twitter)

The news of Andrew Symonds passing away in a fatal car accident on Sunday (May 15) shocked the whole cricketing world. The tragic incident took place on the outskirts of Townsville in Queensland. The fans and cricketers offered their condolences and paid their tribute to the talismanic all-rounder.

Notably, Symonds is survived by his wife Laura and two young children- Chloe and Billy. His wife Laura has spoken up about the demise of her husband and stated that she is still in shock. She also revealed how Symonds made time for everyone and was extremely chilled about living his life. She also praised the commentary skills of the former Aussie all-rounder.

“We are still in shock- I’m just thinking of the two kids. He was such a big person and there is just so much of him in his kids. He was the most laidback person. Nothing stressed him out. He was an extremely chilled operator. So practical. He was never good with his phone, but he always had time for everyone,”- quoting Laura from the Cricket times.

“He always felt extremely self-conscious about his intellect and would say ‘I didn’t go to Uni and don’t have degrees’, but he was so practical and intelligent in his own way. He was a great commentator. He didn’t show it on the screen, but he was really nervous sometimes. He could read plays and read players and articulate it in layman’s terms I am not a cricket nuffy, but I could understand the game when he explained it to me. He bought humor to it and it was not serious,”- she added.

Speaking of Australian cricket, Symonds is the third star to fall from their cricketing galaxy in the year 2022. The other two superstars of Australian cricket to have passed away this year are the great Rod Marsh and Spin King Shane Warne. As per the reports, Symonds succumbed to his injuries from the accident even though attempts were made to revive him.


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