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Yuzvendra Chahal’s revelation about his time in Mumbai leaves everybody surprised


The Indian leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal is known as a big-hearted bowler. He is someone who is not scared to flight the ball even when the batters are attacking him. He is an important wicket-taking option for whichever team he is playing for. The leg-spinner is also famous for his pranks and jokes in the dressing room. He has been seen having a fun time in his new Indian T20 League franchise, Rajasthan. However, a recent revelation on the cricketer’s part has left everybody surprised.

In a recent conversation, Chahal spoke about being a victim of bullying while he was part of the Mumbai franchise in 2013. He revealed that he was hanged during a get-together by a drunk teammate. He further added that the incident made him realize the importance of being responsible while having fun.

“Very few people know about it. I never told it to anyone. It’s from 2013 when I was with Mumbai. We had a match at Bangalore and then a get-together was organized. There was a player who was really drunk, I won’t say his name. he overdrank and then called me, took me outside and then hung me from the balcony,”-said Chahal, during a conversation on Rajasthan’s show ‘Comeback Tales.’

“Luckily my hand was around his neck. If I had lost the grip, we were on the 15th floor. Thankfully, a few people came and got things in control. I kind of fainted after that. That day I realized how important it is to stay responsible when we go anywhere.”- Chahal added.

Earlier Chahal made a revelation about an incident where he was left tied and only got out of it when a cleaner noticed him. He mentioned the names of Andrew Symonds and James Franklin in the incident. “But then they had forgotten that they had put a tape on my mouth. The next morning, a cleaner saw me and got me out of it.”-Chahal revealed about the incident.

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