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Watch: Things get head between Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte after the game between Chelsea and Tottenham

When Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte came face to face, the argument became heated.

Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte
Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte (Image source- Twitter)

Chelsea faced Tottenham Hotspur in their second game of the season on 14 August 2022 at Stamford Bridge. Both sides were coming off of victories in their Premier League 2022 openers. As a result, supporters anticipated a dramatic showdown between these two clubs.

Meanwhile, supporters were not disappointed as both teams played excellent football. This entertaining game ended 2-2. The main talking point, though, was the altercation between these clubs’ head coaches on the touchline after the final whistle. The video instantly became popular and spread over the internet.

Here is the viral video

Following the final whistle, Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel approached his rival Antonio Conte and shook his hand. When both managers came face to face, the argument became heated. Tuchel shook Conte’s hand without looking at the Chelsea manager, which looked to irritate Conte. Meanwhile, players intervened to separate them, and the referee awarded red cards to both Conte and Tuchel.

After the match, Tuchel said, “Yes and I think he enjoyed it as well. It was nothing bad. I don’t have any bad feelings and I’m sure he will not have them. We fought for our teams and it happens. It’s so close here and it was such an intense match … both dugouts are very close, so it got a bit heated from both of us.

“I just compared it to two players who had a bit of fight on the field and nothing happens. Nobody gets injured and the players, if you have a hard tackle or fair tackle, if you don’t go and apologise, there’s no need.

“Both of us were fighting for our teams. That was it, nobody got insulted, nobody got hurt, we didn’t have a fist fight or something.”

Meanwhile, Conte said, ” think that what happened we did enjoy [it], but next time we will pay more attention and don’t shake the hands and we solve the problem. He stays in my bench, I stay in my bench, with my staff on one side and no problem about this. It would be a pity if for this situation we miss the next game.”

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