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‘Thiago Messi has touched more Ballon d’Or’s than Mbappe’- Twitter calls out Kylian Mbappe for bumping into Messi and arguing for penalty

PSG got off to a good start, winning both of their matches in the Ligue 1.

Kylian Mbappe (Source: Twitter)

To stop Kylian Mbappe from leaving for Real Madrid, PSG essentially gave him a black chequebook. The deal that followed made Mbappe the most powerful figure at PSG. He has now veto on new signings and important changes in the club management. PSG essentially gave him a deal that forces them to cater to his whims.

Recently, the off-field power seems to have gone to the 23-year-old’s head. In the second match of the Ligue 1 season against Montpellier, the star player was seen behaving in a way that has been called egotistical by the fans.

At one point, Mbappe was seen sulking on the pitch after he wasn’t given the ball. In what could have been a great counter-attacking goal, the French players stopped running as he wasn’t given the ball when asked.

Mbappe who has been made the penalty taker for PSG missed one in the starting moments of the game. When Neymar won another penalty, however, the Brazilian decided to take it himself this time. This was when Mbappe went to Neymar while brushing past a livid Lionel Messi to ask for the penalty.

Messi could be seen in pent-up rage after Mbappe bumps into him and goes on to ask for the penalty from Neymar.

PSG won the match by 5-2 in the end with both Neymar and Mbappe ending up on the scoresheet. These moments from the match however have gone viral on the internet with social media users claiming that power has gone to the youngster’s head.

Neymar also added fuel to the fire after he liked a social media post calling out Kylian Mbappe. Reports have suggested that the relationship between Neymar and Mbappe has turned sour. Messi who is probably the greatest football player of this century has been caught up in the theatrics of the other two.

Twitter was flooded with fans criticising Mbappe as the video of him brushing Messi and asking Neymar for the penalty got viral.

Let’s look at some of those tweets.


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