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‘They’re flaky like you wouldn’t believe’- Gary Neville rips into Manchester United players after their embarrassing defeat against Brentford

Manchester United sit at 20th in the Premier League table with zero points to their name.

Gary Neville

Manchester United’s 4-0 loss to minnows Brentford has rocked the footballing fraternity and they continue to fall from the pinnacle. Having already lost to Brighton in the opening game of the Premier League, this loss has further magnified their misery.

Gary Neville, former Manchester United defender and analyst, has been a staunch supporter of the Manchester club but could not stop himself from lambasting the current team after the embarrassing defeat.

Speaking in the post-match show, Neville said, “If you thought it couldn’t get any lower, it just has. I’m trying to think of one thing Manchester United have done well in the first half and I can’t think of one. I’ve been watching United for 42 years and I can’t think of a moment where I’ve felt it was as bad as it was in that first half.”

The Red Devils are at the bottom of the Premier League table with two back-to-back losses, their worst position in the 30 years of Premier League.

“If you want to look for telltale signs that a team lacks personality and character, it’s away performances, how you deal with set pieces, it’s your running stats- Manchester United are miserable in all those areas,” added Neville.

Glazers were also called out in the explosive rant

Neville also called out the American family, the Glazers who own the United team for running a failing business.

“Manchester United have known for eight to ten months they’ve needed to rebuild the squad for the summer. Ralf Rangnick described it as open heart surgery.”

“To not get the players in early- the quality of players, the number of players- that Ten Hag needed is baffling and difficult to forgive. It’s not a stalled market- teams have got their business done. Every club seems to have a plan and Manchester United seems to be, ‘let’s just look at the Dutch league or players that have worked under Ten Hag.’

“It’s a real achievement to spend a billion pounds and be this bad. It doesn’t take much to dismantle this Manchester United team. It just takes a bit of organisation, a bit of fight, and you’re there. If you just rough them up a little and get a goal, they’re flaky like you won’t believe.” summarised Neville.

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