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Watch : Pakistan Police arrest former Prime Minister Imran Khan and drag him into the police van

Imran Khan served as the ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan, the leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf and a former prime minister of Pakistan, was detained by Pakistan Rangers on Tuesday outside the Islamabad High Court. Imran Khan allegedly suffered injuries after being shoved by Pakistan Rangers as he was being arrested, according to Press Trust of India. On May 1, NAB Rawalpindi issued an arrest warrant for Imran Khan, which Rangers in Islamabad have now carried out.

Khan has been connected to more than a hundred events since losing his job as prime minister in a vote of no-confidence in April of last year. He thinks that because he made autonomous foreign policy choices towards Russia, China, and Afghanistan, the US-led plot was directed against him.

Reports also state that Section 144 has been implemented by the Islamabad Police in the nation’s capital, and police insist that no one was mistreated during Imran Khan’s detention.

Imran Khan was apprehended after a number of failed attempts, notably a police raid on his Lahore home in Zaman Park that he successfully evaded. Tuesday morning, Khan left for Islamabad to request bail on two pending corruption charges. Officers belonging to the National Accountability Bureau, the nation’s anti-corruption organisation, together with a group of paramilitary officers detained Khan as he entered the court grounds. 

As Khan was being transported away in a car with tinted windows and tight security, a fight broke out between Khan’s followers and the police. His imprisonment, in accordance with a statement issued by Islamabad police, was related to a different case known as the Al-Qadir Trust case, in which it is alleged Khan amassed billions of rupees via shady land deals and where he was not freed on bail. Khan will be brought behind the court on Wednesday, according to the statement.

Watch: Imran Khan being escorted by the Pakistan Police 

The barrister Gohar Khan claimed Imran Khan had been struck in the head and legs by rangers as well as paramilitary officers who had entered the Islamabad high court’s grounds to arrest him in a video shared to PTI’s official Twitter account.


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