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Watch – Find out why Anupam Mittal gets furious at an undergarment startup name on Shark Tank India

Shark Tank India

In most Shark Tank India episodes, a number of intriguing business concepts are highlighted; some of these are able to close a deal with the sharks, while others are turned down. However, in the most recent instalment of the reality show about business ventures, one of the proposed companies—an apparel line—left.

Anshuman, Mohit, and Ankit co-founded the knickers company; they appeared on the show to make their pitch. The three of them were first questioned by the Shark Tank India judges regarding their pitch, sales, and other topics. Mohit asked the sharks if they would be interested in using the products again after showcasing them to them. Anupam became enraged when Aman gave him unfavourable feedback and questioned whether they had truly quit their jobs for this.

Anupam gets angry on Shark Tank India:

The founders requested Rs 30 lakhs for 5% of the business after their initial pitch, which came at a cost of Rs 6 crores. Anupam Mittal was upset with the brand’s name and concept among sharks. The brand of pants was called 2Ballz.

Anupam remarked as they attempted to elaborate further on their brand, “Ek toh ye brand name bohot behuda hai, pata nahi kya kar rahe ho.” Vineeta said, “Your brand name is too much in the face. It seems as though you are requesting that people not purchase your goods.”

Additionally, Vineeta stated that as of right now, their business only has 1000 clients. Aman, however, asserted that the issue they are attempting to resolve isn’t even one that affects men in the modern world. According to a TOI report, Anupam accused the pitcher of copying an unidentified foreign brand as the episode progressed.

After criticising the brand’s name, Shark Tank’s Anupam continued, “You guys were collectively earning around five lakhs in your respective jobs. But you all made the decision to give that up and launch this company. Your business idea is not even relevant because there are so many other brands that are fierce competitors and doing so well. Furthermore, the choices of material and colour are not very good. You shouldn’t have quit your employment over this.”

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