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INR 100 crore lawsuit on Shark Tank India by CBMAK

Shark Tank India is right now one of the most popular shows on television where there have been a lot of upcoming entrepreneurs entering the business. This is the platform for people to pitch their ideas and companies to some of the biggest entrepreneurs in the country. The likes of Ashneer Grover, Aman Gupta and Anupam Chopra are some of the most popular names in reality shows right now. This show has been loved by the audience where they learn what goes into setting up a successful business, especially in a big country like India and how to get it to be a successful brand in the future.

There have been a lot of brilliant pitches by some of the upcoming entrepreneurs in the country, but there was one pitch that got the eye of the public. The company was known as Tramboo Sports which was in the bat-making business. The people who pitched their plans in the episode were Sad and Hamad Tramboo. The company also managed to get a deal of 30 lakh for 4% equity as well by BOAT founder Aman Gupta and Lenskart founder Piyush Bansal. This gave a big future evaluation as well and they accepted the deal.

Tramboo deal causes trouble

After the episode, the Cricket Bat Manufacturers Association of Kashmir (CBMAK) issued a lawsuit against Sony Television for spreading false information about the show. Both the entrepreneurs had claimed that they were the exclusive makers of the Kashmir Willow bats. This was not taken lightly by the CBMAK, who have issued a Rs. 100 cr lawsuit on Sony television and the entrepreneurs for this misinformation. One of the spokespersons also went on to give the reason regarding the lawsuit saying “ We will not anybody discredit Kashmiri bat makers, misinformation and discrediting of the hard work and dedication of the bat manufacturers”.

This is a really bad look for the company that pitched it and the television network as well, which was already a global reality show watched by everyone. This lawsuit might be one of the major roadblocks faced by the show. We hope that these allegations are taken care of and the people can get a show where they get the perfect knowledge of how to conquer the business world. The future of Shark Tank was looking bright, but this lawsuit by the CBMAK might be a huge problem for all the organizations involved in airing that episode.

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