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Asia Cup 2022

Watch: Fans complaint as they were denied entry to watch the Asia Cup final for wearing Indian Jerseys

The Indian fans further said that the security manhandled them.

Bharat Army

The much-awaited final of the Asia Cup 2022 finally arrived as fans thronged the stadiums to support their favourite team in the big match. Amid the uncontrollable hysteria for the final of the tournament, a controversy has come to light regarding the entry of Indian fans at the Dubai International stadium.

The issue grabbed attention when the fan group of the Indian Cricket team ‘Bharat army’ shared a video on their social media platforms. In the video, members of the fan group are seen complaining about the behaviour of the security who denied them entry to watch the match as they were wearing Indian jerseys. Fans said that the security personnel pushed them out of the stadium aggressively and asked them to not wear Indian jerseys.

According to fans, there was no prior notice given to them that people with Indian jerseys will not be allowed at the stadium. In the video, a person can be heard saying, “We’re standing outside the Dubai International Cricket stadium. The issue is that as an Indian fan, we were not allowed inside the stadium, which is weird. We were literally asked to leave because we’re wearing Indian jerseys. I understand that there could be a directive to only allow Sri Lanka and Pakistan fans inside the stadium. Cops pushed us out of the stadium aggressively and mistreated us for wearing Indian Jerseys.”

Watch the video here:


Fans further said that how can they, as Indian fans, wear jerseys of other teams? They also said that they’re not in India where they can easily go back home and change their clothes. Fans ended the video with a request to the authorities to look into the matter.

The final of the Asia Cup 2022 is being played at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka have set a target of 171 runs for Pakistan to win their third Asia Cup title. The Asia Cup final is also expected to have a thrilling finish like most of the matches in the tournament.

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