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Asia Cup 2023

‘Reach ke chakkar mai kuch bhi bol doge’ – Fans react as Shaheen Afridi erases rumors of rift between him and Babar Azam

Shaheen Afridi

After Pakistan’s defeat in the 2023 Asia Cup, a lot of rumors spread about the dressing room atmosphere of the team. The reports suggested that not everything was good with the players of Pakistan, particularly with the two superstars of the team, Babar Azam and Shaheen Afridi. The reports suggested that the two players had exchanges with each other in the dressing room. 

The two cricketers from Pakistan did not please each other after the loss, according to the reports. According to the reports, Babar had accused players of not giving their best in the must-win game. Pakistan lost the match against Sri Lanka by 2 wickets. The home side knocked Pakistan out of the tournament with a thrilling win. 

The loss against Sri Lanka did not go well with the Pakistani captain. According to the reports, Azam criticized the players for not performing against Sri Lanka. The reports suggested that Afridi was not pleased with the criticism of his captain. Following it, Afridi asked his captain to at least praise the players who performed well in the match.  

Shaheen Afridi erases rumors about rift between him and Babar Azam

The reports also claimed that before the debate could escalate, Mohammad Rizwan intermediated and stopped the two individuals from talking further. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the authenticity of the reports, the Pakistani pacer decided to clear the air regarding the incident. The young pacer from Pakistan took to Twitter and posted an image of him and Babar playing chess in a representational image. 

The image had the caption “Family”, which indicated that everything was fine between him and Babar. The post symbolized the fact that there are heated moments between the members of the family, which need not necessarily be considered as a fact of getting separated. The tweet of Afridi won the hearts of the fans. The Pakistani fans praised Afridi for clearing the air. Before the 2023 ODI World Cup, this will be a huge relief for the fans. 

Here’s how the fans reacted to Afridi’s tweet –



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