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Watch: Bollywood star Urvashi Rautela spills the beans on ‘RP’ who waited hours to meet her in the hotel lobby

India is scheduled to play against Pakistan in the Asia Cup on August 28th in Dubai.

Rautela RP
Rishabh Pant and Urvashi Rautela (Source: Twitter)

Cricketers and Bollywood stars enjoy unparalleled fame in India. It is often that the paths of these two popularity juggernauts cross and they end up becoming acquittances and sometimes more.

There have been many cricketers and actresses who have dated each other and many have also taken the next step and married. Rishabh Pant, the Indian cricket star, has also been linked with many from the movie industry with Urvashi Rautela among the most known.

A recent video has surfaced where the 28-year-old actress has spilt the beans on her relationship with Pant and revealed an instance where she could not meet Pant who waited for hours in her hotel lobby.

Throughout the video which was from an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Rautella talks of a person with the initials ‘RP’ as she did not want to name him. She said, that they were supposed to meet in Delhi but because of a tiring journey from Varanasi and a shoot in Delhi, she dozed off while “RP” waited in her hotel lobby.

She said that she felt bad when she saw 16-17 missed calls after she woke up. She was unhappy that she couldn’t meet RP despite him waiting for her for many hours.

Rautela goes on to say that the two eventually met in Mumbai but the relationship ended after the media blew it out of proportion and ruined it. Though she does not name Pant in the video, the fans were quick to join the dots.

Rishabh Pant is preparing for the upcoming Asia Cup

Rishabh Pant went on to have a relationship with Isha Negi an interior designer from New Delhi. The southpaw has become one of the first names on the Indian cricket team sheet having performed admirably for the country and the Indian T20 League club.

Currently, the Haridwar born is enjoying a break from cricket after defeating England in the ODI as well as the T20I series. The 24-year-old wicketkeeper is named in the Indian squad for the upcoming Asia Cup which is starting on August 27th in UAE.
India will face Pakistan in their first match on 28th August in the Asia Cup in Dubai.


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