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Ranking the three most hilarious moments of Rishabh Pant

Rishabh Pant has been one of the funniest cricketers around.

Rishabh Pant

Wicket-keepers in cricket are best positioned to be at the centre of everything happening on the cricket ground. This is why some of them become good captains, as they can orchestrate the bowling and fielding well from the middle of the ground. MS Dhoni for example used this advantage to become of the best Indian captains ever.

Another player that makes full use of this is Rishabh Pant. Not to orchestrate the game but Pant uses his wicket-keeping position to motivate fellow teammates. He also however uses it to distract the other batters.

It has been on many occasions that Pant who is among the chirpiest cricketers, has been caught on stump mic saying something outrageously funny.

Temporary Captain against Australia, 2018

Pant’s antics became world famous in the India- Australi Test series in 2018 when he called Tim Paine a “temporary captain”. The incident took place when Tim Paine came in to bat on the second session of the third day at MCG. Talking to Mayank Agarwal at a silly point the Indian wicket-keeper said, “We got a special guest today. Have you ever heard of a temporary captain, ever, Mayank?”

Tim Paine was made the captain of the Australian team after many senior players were removed from contention due to their involvement in the sandpaper gate.

The banter was caught on stump mic and watched a million times on social media.

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