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Australian Open 2024

Tennis legend Andy Murray shockingly crashes out of Australian Open in first round

Tennis legend Andy Murray admitted that he may’ve played his match after losing in the first round in Australian Open

Before the match even started, fans filled the Kia Arena hoping to see Andy Murray, a tennis legend, shine on a court where he’s had amazing victories. But what they saw was a disappointing version of that player, losing badly to a younger opponent, Tomas Martin Etcheverry.

Last year, Murray had fought back from the edge in some incredible matches, but this time, he barely put up a fight. This defeat adds to worries about his future in the sport, as he’s lost most of his recent matches.

Taking some time to collect himself, Murray didn’t rush to talk to the press like he usually does. Even after thinking about it, he couldn’t figure out why he played so poorly. Despite the crowd’s attempts to uplift him, Murray struggled to bring his trademark energy into the match.

From the start, things went downhill for Murray. He lost his serve, then got a break back, but then lost it again. His shots weren’t landing where he wanted, and Etcheverry easily controlled the game. As the match went on, Murray’s level kept dropping, making lots of mistakes and barely challenging Etcheverry eventually facing a crushing defeat by 6-4, 6-2, 6-2.

Dissecting the game

Even with a moment to collect himself, Murray couldn’t unravel the mystery of his poor performance. The opening game set an ominous tone, with a gruelling service game leading to a crucial loss of serve. Any hope of a gritty comeback vanished as the match progressed. Murray’s level continued to plummet, with unforced errors flowing freely from his racket. The 36-year-old struggled to match Etcheverry’s dominance in every exchange.

Speaking about the game, Murray said, “It was a poor performance. It was very, very flat. It was an amazing crowd out there that were … I felt like they were trying to pick me up, support and get behind me.

He further added, “Usually I would always engage the crowd and get them going and bring some energy into the match. It was really just a flat performance. I don’t know exactly why that was the case because I’ve been feeling good going in. Played pretty well in Brisbane. Practised really well the last 10 days or so. Don’t know.”

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