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Riot Games releasing Vanguard for LoL regionally starting with Philippines

League of Legends

Earlier this year, Riot Games revealed that an upcoming update to League of Legends will add Vanguard to the game. This decision was made to get rid of most of the cheaters plaguing the game.

Vanguard anti-cheat came with Valorant and has been pretty much the most effective anti-cheat compared to any other. While there may be some cheaters left, most of them are usually detected early on.

Many people were happy with the decision, while few did not support the decision. This is because Vanguard requires kernel-level access to a PC. This has previously caused a lot of controversies in the past during initial release of Valorant.

Vanguard has not been released globally

The plan to launch Vanguard globally has now been ditched. Instead, the anti-cheat will be released regionally starting with the Philippines in Patch 14.5. This comes after the developers announced they want to test out the anti-cheat and make adjustments.

“The switch from a global rollout is to allow time on live servers to evaluate how Vanguard is functioning and being experienced before making adjustments if required,” said Riot Games in an official statement.

Players have mixed reactions

While many players supported the move, others were already against the anti-cheat. Being a kernel-level anti-cheat, Vanguard has different issues. Players on older hardware who do not have TPM 2.0 will not be able to play the game.

Furthermore, those who mod the game will now be restricted as the anti-cheat can detect any changes in the game file and ban the users. All this tradeoff comes for a more secure game lobby, which some people aren’t a huge fan of.

The Patch 14.5 is set to release on March 6. Any form of feedback is likely to be seen after Vanguard anti-cheat has been implemented in the game.

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