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Orangutan tops leaderboard on third day of BGMI Patriot Cup

The third day of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Patriot Cup by Upthrust Esports has concluded. Popular esports organization Orangutan Gaming has made a huge lead to the top of leaderboards.

The ongoing grand finals are about to come to an end and teams have started taking this seriously. Orangutan, who were previously in fifth position, have now gained the top place as well as a good lead over others.

Day 3 standings 

Orangutan – 142 points
Autobotz Esports – 128 points
Team Tamilas – 126 points
Chemin Esports – 111 points
Reckoning Esports – 110 points
Aerobotz Esports – 108 points
Gods Reign – 105 points
Entity Gaming – 99 points
WSB Gaming – 98 points
Global Esports – 93 points
Team SouL – 84 points
TWM Gaming – 79 points
GodLike Esports – 78 points
Hyderabad Hydras – 72 points
OREsports – 62 points
Medal Esports – 53 points

Autobotz Esports, who barely managed to qualify during the group stages, are now in second position. On the flip side, Medal Esports, who were fourth in group stages, are struggling at the bottom.

Orangutan will now have to keep their performance consistent the entire final day in order to win the championship. This, will not be an easy task as few others behind them are ready to steal the spotlight.

Match Winners for Day 3

Day 3 saw Autobotz Esports win the first match with 19 points and WSB Gaming take the second match with 16 points. The third map was snagged by Aerobotz Esports with 25 points and the fourth by Entity Gaming with 18 points.

Both the last two matches were secured by Orangutan, each with 22 points. This helped them to make their way to the top of the leaderboards.

Day 3 top fraggers

Similar to the second day, two out of the top three positions are held by players from Orangutan. This time around, AkOP have managed to overtake Kaalan for the first position with 28 finishes.

Kaalan from Aerobotz Esports is now in second with just one finish behind at 27. The third position is secured by Drigger with the same finish count of 27.

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