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Novak Djokovic expression regret about breaking racquet during ATP finals

Novak Djokovic had a breakdown during the ATP Finals 2023 and broke two racquets.

Novak Djokovic (Image Credit: Twitter)

Veteran Tennis player Novak Djokovic has expressed his regret following breaking his racquet during the ATP Finals 2023. In the three-setter game last weekend that lasted more than three hours, the 24-time Grand Slam winner broke down. Things went so bad that he started breaking the racquet by stomping on it. After the game, the veteran player said that he is not happy about what went down during the game.

“I mean, some people are saying that if you want to use that word ‘pragmatic’ for me to do that because then I can release whatever tension I’m holding and frustration and move on, maybe that was the case tonight. But I wouldn’t encourage anybody doing that. Neither do I encourage myself,” Djokovic said.

“I’m not happy. I’m not happy with that. I definitely don’t like that I have done that, but I have done it and that is it and I have to take responsibility. Yeah, I guess in some cases it has happened in the past where I do that and come back playing more freely, I guess, just letting go. There are different ways, maybe smarter ways to let go of the frustration than breaking a racquet,” he added with a smile.

It was very challenging to play Holger: Novak Djokovic

“Well, there were a lot of difficult moments. It was very challenging to play Holger, who I thought was on a very high level tonight. He had a very clear game plan. You could see that he was very sharp, very aggressive from the beginning, taking every chance he had to come to the net,” Djokovic said.

“He served very accurately, very precise, very strong. It was very difficult to find any, let’s say, holes in his game tonight. I really had to work very hard and battle, which was the case, to get the win. It lasted more than three hours. I think the longest match that I ever played here,” he added.

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