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Sumit Nagal breaks into top 100 in ATP rankings


There have been a lot of Indian Tennis players now that have created history in the sporting world already. The likes of Leander Paes, Mahesh Bhupati, Sania Mirza and Rohan Bopanna are some of the major names that we remember. India is making a lot of progress in grand slam tournaments and the Olympics as well. However, most of these players have made a name for themselves in the doubles category only and have not been that successful in the singles. Especially in the men’s singles except for Leander Paes none of the legendary players have broken into the top 100 in the ATP rankings at all.

Sumit Nagal is currently one of the upcoming players for India in the game of Tennis. Nagal came onto the scene after winning a gold medal in the Asian Games in 2017. Even after that, there have been some decent performances from Nagal where he made it to the quarter-finals of Wimbledon in 2018 and the French Open in 2021. The 26-year-old is making great progress in his game and has recently just won the challenge in Chennai as well. This is a great beginning for Nagal in his Tennis career and it is a proud moment for every Indian sports fan to see him succeed.

Nagal breaks into the top 100

The top 100 in the ATP rankings for an Indian Tennis player is a big achievement. There are very few players in the Men’s singles player who have broken into the top 100. The last person to break into the top 100 was the left-handed Prajnesh Gunneswaran.  Now it is Nagal who has joined this elite group as well after his great performances. Nagal also had a few words to say after achieving this feat saying “I’m very emotional. You know, every tennis player’s dream is to be top 100 at least.” These words say a lot about how much this means to the sportsman.

Nagal will surely be over the moon after this feat since this is a very rare feat that has been achieved by an  Indian Tennis player. Nagal is ranked at 98 right now in the ATP rankings and there will be no looking back from here. This was also achieved when he also won the challenge as well. Nagal is making his name in Tennis with his great performances and we will be looking forward to seeing him achieve greater things. He has done what not even legends like Bopanna and Bhupati have achieved in their career at all and this will not be his final goal as it looks like he has a lot of Tennis still left in him.

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