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‘Not like she is 16’ – Arbaaz Khan finally breaks his silence on the huge age gap with wife Sshura Khan

Arbaaz Khan

When Arbaaz Khan married Sshura Khan in December 2023, everyone was taken aback. In a recent interview, the actor-producer shared his story of meeting and falling in love with makeup artist Sshura with The Indian Express. He explained that their marriage was not an overnight decision and that they had dated for a long time. Arbaaz responded to being made fun of for their extreme age disparity as well. Sshura is reportedly 25 years younger than 56-year-old Arbaaz.

Arbaaz Khan remarked, “Even though Shura Khan, my wife, is much younger than I am, it’s not like she’s 16. Both she and I were aware of the things we both desired out of life. In that one year, we spent a lot of time together to truly figure out what we wanted, what we expected from each other, and how we saw the future. These choices are not made hastily.”

Arbaaz Khan gets candid:

Arbaaz Khan responded when asked about their age difference and how others perceived it, “It’s not like we were not aware of it or we hid it from each other. She knew what she was getting herself into as a girl, and I knew what I was getting myself into as a man. In a year, two individuals of the same age can be together and most likely separate. Does a person’s age alone determine whether a relationship lasts? Consider this. In actuality, marriages that have a significant age difference have a much higher success rate.”

Arbaaz dated the model Giorgia Andriani for a while prior to his second marriage. Former reality TV star Malaika Arora, who is currently dating actor Arjun Kapoor, was previously married to Arbaaz. Malaika and Arbaaz were married in December 1998 and divorced in May 2017 following eighteen years of marriage. Arhaan Khan, their son, was born on November 9, 2002, and they share parental responsibilities for him.

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