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‘No one does it better’ – Dominik Mysterio make a bold statement ahead of upcoming clashes

Dominik Mysterio recently posted pictures of himself executing the frog splash on The Miz

Dominik Mysterio

WWE RAW’s Dominik Mysterio recently made a bold statement about his finishing move, the frog splash, through a series of photos on social media. The former NXT North American Champion is known for being a prominent member of the Judgement Day faction. He posted pictures of himself executing the frog splash on The Miz after the latter fell victim to an attack by The Judgement Day on Raw.

In the accompanying tweet, Mysterio confidently asserted that no one performs the frog splash better than him. He wrote, “No one does it better.” The move holds special significance in the wrestling world, having been popularised by the late Eddie Guerrero and now being a part of Dominik’s repertoire, following in the footsteps of his legendary father, Rey Mysterio, who also utilises the iconic 619.

Meanwhile, in the realm of storyline developments, reports emerged about Dominik Mysterio’s planned match against Brock Lesnar at the Elimination Chamber. However, this bout was allegedly scrapped due to references made to a recent lawsuit involving Vince McMahon and The Beast Incarnate. The lawsuit-related issues seem to have impacted the originally scheduled match, leaving the WWE Universe wondering about the potential future developments for Dominik Mysterio in the company.

“Dominik Mysterio fell in love with me,” says Rhea Ripley

Interestingly, there’s a unique side story involving Dominik Mysterio and fellow WWE star Rhea Ripley. Ripley shared insights into their on-screen relationship during an appearance on Notsam Wrestling LIVE. She revealed that before working together, their backstage interactions were minimal, consisting mostly of casual greetings.

Rhea Ripley recounted the evolution of their on-screen chemistry, noting that it initially felt awkward. However, she humorously disclosed that their connection took an unexpected turn when she choked Dominik Mysterio with her legs during an episode of RAW. According to Ripley, Dirty Dom “fell madly in love” with her after that particular in-ring moment, injecting a humorous twist into their professional relationship.

She said, “No, not really. It was actually quite awkward to start with. We hadn’t really talked to each other much before; I mean, it was a simple, like, ‘Hello, how are you?’ every now and then when we saw each other. But apart from that, I mean, we didn’t really have a conversation until I started, you know, choking him out with my legs, and he fell madly in love with me. I don’t blame him.”

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