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Former WWE Champion set for monumental return during Monday Night Raw?

Huge former WWE Champion set for a mega comeback?

Day 1 event of WWE Monday Night Raw on 1st January 2024 is set to witness some amazing action. World Wrestling Entertainment is set to welcome the New Year in grand style. Drew McIntyre will challenge for the World Heavyweight Title against Seth Rollins.

Nia Jax and Becky Lynch will face each other while RAW Women’s champions Rhea Ripley is set to defend their title. Ahead of the huge event, Triple H has left the fans guessing with a huge message on social media.

The former legendary champion has indicated that a former WWE champion is set to appear. This has sent the fans into overdrive as the guessing game has started. The names of John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Rock have been thrown around.

Six-time WWE Champions likely to make a comeback?

As the clock ticks by wrestling fans are eagerly waiting for the WWE Day 1 event on 1st January 2024. After Triple H made his announcement the fans began speculating about the identity of the former champion.

Many fans want Dave Batista to make his return to the company and compete in one final match. The messages on the wrestling message board have urged HHH to book his former Evolution teammate for one final run.

It is to be noted that Batista and HHH were part of the Evolution group for two years before parting ways. Once good friends became huge enemies and had many storied and violent matches.

In 2010, Batista decided to quit WWE to pursue a career in Hollywood. The former WWE champion acted in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy and earned huge praise. It was announced in late 2013 that Batista was set for a return to WWE.

At the height of the Daniel Bryan movement, Batista won the 2014 Royal Rumble under controversial circumstances. This was also the same event that saw the last appearance of CM Punk in a WWE ring for nearly a decade.

After yet another backstage creative falling out, Batista quit WWE in 2014 and didn’t make a comeback for five years. Appearing during a birthday celebration for Ric Flair, the former WWE champion beat up his former mentor.

This heinous attack set up a match with Triple H with both men putting their careers on the line. In 2021, Batista was installed into the WWE Hall of Fame but couldn’t make the event due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. While it seems unlikely a return for Dave Batista will really be a huge deal for the WWE fans.

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