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‘MSD is living rent free in KP’s head’ – Fans react as Kevin Pietersen shares video of picking MS Dhoni’s wicket

Taking to Twitter, Kevin Pietersen put a stop to the rumours, assuring followers that he was not MS Dhoni’s maiden Test wicket.

MS Dhoni-Kevin Pietersen
MS Dhoni-Kevin Pietersen (Source: Twitter)

Kevin Pietersen, a former England batsman, is fed up with MS Dhoni fans trolling him for being his first and only Test wicket. Taking to Twitter, Pietersen put a stop to the rumours, assuring followers that he was not the former Indian captain’s maiden Test wicket.

Pietersen posted a video of Dhoni almost dismissing Pietersen. The video shows the onfield umpire ruling Pietersen out caught behind before the batter took DRS, which ultimately rescued him because he had not edged the ball with his bat at all.

Pietersen had contacted the broadcasters of the India-England Test match in which Dhoni had bowled a few overs and supposedly dismissed Pietersen. “I’m actively seeking the clip from the Test match at Lords to put to bed all these claims that I WAS Dhoni’s first Test Wicket. I hate to break it to you – I wasn’t,” wrote Pietersen on Twitter on Tuesday.

Sky Cricket, England’s official broadcaster, then sent him the video, which shows Dhoni getting Pietersen out but the decision was overruled by the third umpire. Pietersen shared the video to clear up any doubt about him not being Dhoni’s maiden Test wicket, writing: “The evidence is CLEAR! I was NOT Dhoni’s first Test wicket. Nice ball though, MS! (Laugh emojis). Thanks for sending this through, Sky Cricket.”

Here are Kevin Kevin Pietersen’s tweets

The former England batsman went on to say more. After dismissing allegations that he was Dhoni’s first Test wicket, he put out another video of himself taking the former Indian captain’s wicket. Pietersen poked fun at MSD in the caption: “MS Dhoni c Cook b Pietersen.”

In the meantime, fans have been trolling the former England cricketer for his back-to-back posts on the topic. “MSD is living rent free in KP’s head,” a fan wrote on Twitter. “Well done KP ….You are fortunate enough to take his wicket …your future generations will celebrate it,” another user wrote.

Here is how fans reacted

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