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Brock Lesnar set to face the biggest giant in WWE at Wrestlemania 39

Brock Lesnar

At WrestleMania 39, Nigerian wrestler Omos and Brock Lesnar will square off in what seems to be an epic encounter. It will be a match between two giants of the wrestling business, and when Lesnar and Omos faced off on WWE RAW this week, it was obvious that Lesnar was overshadowed by Omos’ enormous girth.

Who is Omos and what medical history he has?

Omos was an interesting basketball player because he competed for Morgan State University and the University of South Florida. Omos was given the news that he had a brain tumour while still a student at the institution. The doctors discovered other strange illnesses that Omos had by looking at his tumour and testing for it. 

Omos spoke about the time he had to spend with the doctors and the kind of advice they gave. He said, “Literally a month after the MRI, I had the surgery and they had to go through my nose. It was very, very traumatic… But in the process of doing the testing, they found that not only do I have the pituitary tumour, I had gigantism, I had partial Cushing’s disease [a condition where the the adrenal glands overproduce cortisol] which is very rare.

He further discussed how he has various illnesses which also surprised the doctors once. He added, “There’s different forms of large human beings, but it’s like different variations, and I had all three combinations — Andre [The Giant] had acromegaly, which is one of them. And I have that. But I had the other three combined with it, so my case was very, very unique. It was the first time in medical history they’d seen someone with all three together. I became this sort of anomaly in the medical world. I had a journal published about me — about my case.”

Several sources claim that Stone Cold was given the opportunity to compete against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 39. The Texas Rattlesnake declined the offer, though. The WWE then preferred that Lesnar take on Bray Wyatt. To fight Wyatt at the Show of Shows, however, was not in the Beast Incarnate’s agenda. He chose to accept Omos’s challenge and thinks that it is going to be an epic contest between the two giants.


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