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‘Because of Virat Kohli’- Fans react to Brett Lee’s huge inspiration remark for RCB, calls it a wonderful franchise

Brett Lee

The Indian Premier League has been fortunate enough to have some excellent players be a part of the tournament, from international stars to domestic legends. Among those is Australian fast bowler Brett Lee, who terrorised batters the world over with his scintillating pace, and did the same when he featured for Kings XI Punjab (as they were called at the time) and Kolkata Knight Riders during his time in the IPL.

Although retired now, Lee still has a lot to offer youngsters in terms of advice and guidance, which is what he delivered when he sat down for an interview with Mr Nags, the extremely popular social media personality involved with Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). In the interview, Lee was asked about RCB and also reminisced about his playing career.

Speaking on the franchise, Lee said that according to him, RCB is a franchise that every kid looks up to and wants to be a part of. He went on to elaborate by saying that although their players played hard on the field, they looked like they had fun off the field, which is how he liked to live his life as well.

While on a trip down memory lane, Lee revealed that he was proud of breaking the 160 kmph barrier during his playing days, but was not about records at all. He said that while bowling at that speed had been a goal for him, what he was most proud of was playing at a high level for over 20 years. He also revealed that he has participated in javelin throwing in his youth, which undoubtedly helped his bowling later in his career, and took the time to compliment India’s star javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra.

Ending the video on a lighter note, Lee said that he was a fan of the red and black jerseys of RCB, claiming that he would look good in them. Initially offered a job in the RCB media team by Mr Nags, he could not manage to secure the job.

On the field, RCB currently sit fifth in the table, having secured 12 points from 12 games. With two games of the group stage left to go, they would be aiming to secure two more wins to give themselves the best chance to make it into the playoff stage.

Here’s a look at how fans reacted to Brett Lee’s remark:


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