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‘Bas kar bhai pure selfish hai tu’ – Fans react as KL Rahul reacts to the impact of the social media trolls

Rahul say, “Rohit Sharma, who is like so sharp, as a leader, his strategies, he does a lot of homework before the game.”

KL Rahul

Amid the ongoing Indian Premier League 2023, star India batter KL Rahul is sitting out of the tournament after suffering an injury. Rahul ruled himself out of the tournament and Test Championship finals and underwent surgery last week. However, it’s worth noting that before his injury Rahul was struggling with poor form and facing criticism from fans.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Rahul opened up on the issue. Speaking in a podcast with Beer Biceps Rahul said that people should think before speaking as no one wants to perform badly. He also admitted that trolls sometimes affect him mentally too. He said, “That’s something that sometimes affects me and affects a lot of the other boys as well that when we athletes truly need support, people feel they can or have the power to comment or say what they want. Just see what that person is going through.”

The stylish wicketkeeper batter further went on to say that he had no backup because he didn’t know anything other than cricket. He said, “None of us wants to perform badly. This is our life. This is all we do. Like I said, I don’t know anything else apart from cricket. That’s the only thing I do. Why would anyone assume that I am not serious about my game or that I am not working hard enough? And unfortunately in sports, there is no connection. Like I said you can work hard, like I work hard but the result didn’t go my way.”

“He was my captain”, says KL Rahul

In the same interview, Rahul further spoke about his experience of playing under three different skippers i.e. Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma. Rahul said, “I have been captained by such great leaders, starting with MS Dhoni, while he was playing, you know he was the captain, he was my captain, my first captain. I have seen how he handled the team and his calmness, the things that he does behind the scenes like building a relationship with each person are something that I have learned from him. You know, you need to build a relationship where these boys will fight for you and will be with you. That is something I learned from him.”

“Then Virat Kohli was our leader for six seven years and the thing is that the Indian team did under him, the stats are there to be seen and it was phenomenal. the passion, the aggression brought in, he set the standard really high, and his way of leading and captaining was like leading from the front and showing the team how to achieve greatness”, he continued.

Rohit Sharma, who is like so sharp, as a leader, his strategies, he does a lot of homework before the game, he knows each person’s strengths and what he will do and he’s put under pressure, where you need to attack him or where are the flaws in his technique and like he is really really good at strategies and understanding the game. All these things are the things I have learned from these people”, says KL Rahul.

Here is how fans react to his comments on trolls:


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