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Andrew Symonds’ sister leaves emotional note at car crash site

Andrew Symonds died of a car crash on the night of May 14

Andrew Symonds
Andrew Symonds (Image Credit : Twitter)

Andrew Symonds‘ sister left an emotional note for his brother, who died in a car crash on the night of May 14. The note was left by Symonds’ sister as the site of car crash.. According to the police, the medics tried to revive Symonds but he died due to his injuries. The tragedy sent shockwaves in the cricketing world.

Meanwhile, his sister’s emotional note has been doing rounds on social media. The image was uploaded by Mia Glover on her official Twitter handle. Glover is a journalist on the TV channel 9News Queensland. The note says “Gone far too soon. “Rest in peace Andrew. “I wish we had one more day, one more phone call. My heart is broken. I will always love you, my brother.”

As per the rumours among the locals, Symonds may have swerved to escape an animal who might have accidently come in front of his car, which might have been the reason why his car rolled over. However, an actual cause of the accident is not yet confirmed.

Further, an eye witness revealed a heart melting incident to the Courier Mail after Symonds’ accident. She revealed that the two dogs of the deceased didn’t want to leave him and one of them growled every time he was taken away. “One of them was very sensitive and didn’t want to leave him,” she said. “It would just growl at you every time we tried to move him or go near him.”

She also revealed how her partner tried to revive the two-time World Cup winner but the latter didn’t respond. “My partner tried to get (Symonds) out of the car, to put him on to his back. He was unconscious, not responsive and had no pulse.”

Meanwhile, former Australia opener and coach Justin Langer also paid his tribute to the deceased. “In the Australian team there’d be some big egos or some things, and he’d pull you straight into line. It wouldn’t be with great speeches or anything, he’d just look at you, or say ‘enough of that son’,” he continued as quoted by Sports Tiger.

“He was a great stabiliser in any team because he was so real. Like Rod Marsh, he was so real and that’s why he was such an extraordinary person that we loved so much. We wanted to look after him as well, we wanted to look after Roy because he had a few misdemeanours in his life, [had in] a lot of ways a tough time, but we wanted to hug him and look after him.”

“This one really has rocked us because he was such a great player, but at the end of the day it’s much more than being a great player, it’s about being a great bloke, and he is one of the brothers and this one really hurts”, Langer concluded.


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