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4 possible WrestleMania 39 feuds set up by the 2023 WWE men’s Royal Rumble

Cody Rhodes won the 30-men Royal Rumble match.

Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns (Source - Twitter)

The WWE Royal Rumble 2023 lived up to its billing as Cody Rhodes and Rhea Ripley won the Men’s and Women’s Royal Rumble 2023 respectively. Roman Reigns successfully defended his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, beating Kevin Owens, while Bianca Belair also defeated Alexa Bliss to retain her WWE RAW Women’s Championship.

The stage is set for the first mega WWE pay-per-view event for the year which will set up several big matches for WrestleMania 2023. WWE champion Roman Reigns will lock horns with Kevin Owens to defend his title. Here we will look at the top 4 feuds that can be seen in Wrestlemania 39 in April.

4. GUNTHER Sets Incredible New WWE Royal Rumble Record

Gunther (Source - Twitter)

Gunther (Source – Twitter)

Going coast to coast in the Rumble match is nothing new but Gnther’s attempt to book a place at WrestleMania saw him set an amazing new record. Gunther’s one hour eleven minutes and twenty-five seconds in the match is now the longest time for a WWE Superstar in a 30-man Rumble match.

The Austrian star beat the previous record of 62 minutes and 15 seconds set by 2006 Royal Rumble winner Rey Mysterio. The Intercontinental champion thus set up a good number of WrestleMania-level feuds with multiple top stars by the end of the match. 

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