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Yuzvendra Chahal declares himself new Rajasthan captain after hilariously hacking team’s Twitter account

Yuzvendra Chahal

Yuzvendra Chahal is the master of pranks and he has a great sense of humour. When he moved to Rajasthan in the Indian T20 League mega auction, a lot of fun was expected in the tournament. Chahal has now started with his craziness within the team.

His first target in the team was the admin of Rajasthan’s Twitter handle. The two were in banter as Chahal hacked the team’s Twitter account. It all started when the admin posted a video making fun of Chahal’s eating habits. Yuzvendra Chahal warned him to hack the account, which he then actually hacked.

Here is the video posted by Rajasthan’s Twitter admin.

The admin replied with a meme stating that this was not possible to do. However, Chahal managed to get the account password and the first thing he did was announce himself as the team captain. Sanju Samson, the actual team captain, joined the fun as he congratulated him in the post.

Chahal also sent messages to other team players, who probably were unaware of what was happening.

Here is all that transpired





As it turns out, the banter was a scripted one, Rajasthan is known to have great humour on its social media. Many a time they are in banter with other teams and players that have caught everyone’s account. The Indian T20 League begins on the 26th of March. Rajasthan will begin its campaign on the 27th of March against Hyderabad.


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