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Watch: Sachin Tendulkar, Glenn McGrath, Ian Botham pay their tributes to late Shane Warne

The funeral of one of Australia’s greatest cricketers, Shane Warne took place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) today, March 31. Warne had passed away on 4th March 2022 because of a sudden heart attack in Thailand. A memorial event was organised at the MCG by the Victorian government where around 50,000 people paid their tributes to Warne.

Meanwhile, cricketing greats Sachin Tendulkar, Glenn McGrath, and Ian Botham paid their tributes to Warne in a video that has been released by Sky Sports. Tendulkar stated that while Warne was competitive on the field, the Aussie would always congratulate the opponent if he batted well. Tendulkar also said that Warne will continue to live in his heart.

“Warne was always extremely competitive and did everything possible to disturb the opposition and dismiss them. But when someone batted well he was the first person to walk up to them and congratulate. That is how our friendship developed. Warnie my friend you will continue to live in my heart,” said Tendulkar in a video released on Sky Sport.

Warne’s teammate Glenn McGrath stated that he loved the effect that Warne had on people. McGrath concluded by stating that he is amazed by the positive effect that Warne had on many people. 

“Well the thing I love about Shane is the effect he had on people. Good, bad or indifferent, they all had an opinion on him. Shane would walk across, and have a chat, and get to know them and within thirty seconds every single one of them loved him. It never ceased to amaze me, the positive effect he had on so many people,” said McGrath.

Former England all-rounder Ian Botham stated that cricket will not have another Shane Warne, and a player of his calibre can never be replaced. “There is only going to be one Shane Warne. You were magnificent on or off the field. You will never be replaced. Rest in Peace,” said Ian Botham.

You can see the video below



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