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Watch: High school in Illinois celebrates Mom’s night by letting mothers tackle their sons playing American Football

The mothers unleashed their competitive side as they engaged in some fierce tackles.

Illinois High School Mothers Tackling Sons
Illinois High School Mothers Tackling Sons (Source: Twitter)

It’s said that a mother is the strongest person on this planet. She can go through any adversity to safeguard her children from any harm, whatsoever. In an attempt to bring out this fighting spirit from mothers, a high school in Illinois, U.S.A organised a “Moms Night” where the mothers suited up and got to tackle their sons.

Washington Community High School, Illinois came up with this interesting concept for its football team where they dressed players’ moms in the American football outfit. And gave them an opportunity to lay down some tackles on their sons.

What followed after were some fierce tackles put on the show by the mothers who brought their competitive spirit out for everyone to see. In a video shared by Barstool Sports on Twitter, all the mothers can be seen going absolutely berserk as they run in with full force towards their sons giving them some intense tackles.

The players are also seen having a great time being put on the ground by their moms. The entire activity was being watched by several people who were seen cheering for the mothers as they brought out the athlete inside them.

There was one particular tackle in the video that caught everyone’s attention which was the last one. A mother was seen running in at full speed towards her son who was a lot bigger in size than her. The woman just managed to bring him down, while falling down pretty heavily on the ground herself. The crowd were left in splits seeing the funniest tackle of the day.

Watch the video here:

The video was loved by several users, who had a great time watching the entire activity unfold. A user named Mayhem saw the funny side of it and shared the video ahead as he wrote ‘Gotta appreciate some motherly love on display.’

Another Twitter user came up with a funny comment and wrote ‘The 2nd mom was thinking about all the times he talked back and didn’t clean his room.’ The concept was loved by all the mothers on Twitter with most of them hoping to be able to do the same someday.

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