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Two masseuses questioned over Shane Warne’s death

Shane Warne

Shane Warne’s tragic demise shook the world. On March 4, the legendary Australian cricketer was found dead in a villa in Thailand. It was later revealed that he died of natural causes. 

He was on a vacation with his friends. According to a report by Mirror UK, a pair of masseuses were the last people to see him alive. Thus, they were questioned by the police after his death on Friday. 

The two women were caught on the CCTV cameras while arriving at the villa, where Warne and his friends were residing. It is to be noted that they were staying at Koh Samui, Thailand. The police are not linking them to the legend’s death, as he passed away due to a heart attack. 

“We were satisfied they weren’t connected. The investigation didn’t find signs of foul play and we were sure the massage didn’t cause his death,” said police colonel Yuttana Sirisombat. The two women told the police that the legendary leggie seemed relaxed and was preparing for a two-hour oil massage.

Warne and his friends were filmed at 4 PM alongside the two girls who massaged Warne’s friend. Thus, the pair of masseuses were shocked when they were told of his demise an hour after they left. Warne’s friends even performed CPR on him. 

As far as his cricketing career is concerned, the legendary spinner established a legacy for himself. He picked 708 Test wickets, and 293 ODI wickets. Thus, he is second on the list of the most number of wickets picked by a bowler in the history of cricket. This is one of the major reasons why the entire cricketing fraternity mourned over his loss.


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