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Times when cricketers autobiographies/biopics caused major controversy

These biopics were meant to depict the players lives

Muttiah Muralitharan, Mohammad Azharuddin (Image Credit : Twitter)

On July 24, the former Pakistan speedster Shoaib Akhtar unveiled the teaser of his biopic on his official Twitter account. The film is believed to be releasing on November 2023. Notably, he is probably the first cricketer to release his autobiography and to be part of a biopic on him. Talking about his autobiography, it created controversy as Akhtar wrote that Sachin Tendulkar used to fear him.

This statement in the book angered Sachin’s fans and the Indian fans in general. However, he is not the only one to create controversy through a book or a movie. There are several other players who created controversy with their books or movie. Some of them were banned from playing as they were under the contract of their cricket boards. In this listicle, we will discuss, five instances when cricketer’s biopic/autobiographies created controversies.

Five times when Autobiographies/Biopics created controversy

Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi (Image Credit : Twitter)

  1. Mohammad Azharuddin (Azhar)

The film was based on the life of the former India skipper who was banned by the World Cricket Governing Council due to his alleged involvement in match-fixing in the 1990s. In the film, veteran actor Emraan Hashmi played Azhar while several others played the roles of other players.

Bigg Boss 2014-15 winner Gautam Gulati played the role of none other than Ravi Shastri. In the film, the former India head coach was portrayed as a womaniser. This didn’t go down well with the 1983 World Cup winner and his family. 

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