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What a ball to What a Goal! Indian T20 league Franchises and their Football Counterparts

The Indian T20 league has grown leaps and bounds ever since its inception in the year 2008. The ten-team tournament has got a massive fan base in the cricketing fraternity and the popularity of the league is set to shoot up after the recent media rights auction.

The league became the second most valuable sporting league in the world after the recent media rights auction and fans have begun comparing the league with famous football leagues around the world.

On that note, let’s draw a parallel between the cricket league and the football leagues around the world and find the football equivalent of the teams from the Indian T20 league:

  1. Tottenham and Punjab

Tottenham in the English Premier League are a huge club with a great fan base and rich history. However, the club have not been able to win a league title despite having a few successful seasons. Punjab have also been quite the same in the Indian T20 League. They came close to winning the tournament in 2014 when they reached the finals of the tournament.

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