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‘This is not celebration it is madness’ -Netizens slam Salman Khan fans for bursting firecrackers in theatre during Tiger 3 shows

Salman Khan

Tiger 3 was released in theatres across the country on November 12. On Diwali, the actor’s fans set off firecrackers inside a theatre in Malegaon, Maharashtra, while watching the film. The video has gone viral, and many people are criticizing it on social media. Ram Gopal Varma, a filmmaker, has also responded to the video. He criticized the fans while sharing it on X.

On Sunday, videos of fans celebrating the release of Tiger 3 were all over social media. The festivities, however, quickly turned sour when a group of fans set off fireworks inside a screening. Some people are seen bursting crackers as Tiger 3 plays on the big screen, while others run for safety inside the theatre. A few other videos have emerged of Salman Khan fans setting off firecrackers and rockets inside movie theatres.

Fans of Salman Khan go gaga:

Ram Gopal Varma, who shared one of these videos, tweeted, “And we think we’re not MAD (flushed-face emoji).” In response to a video of fans bursting crackers inside a theatre, someone wrote on X, “Worst thing to do!!” Someone else said, “Today, the government has imposed restrictions on bursting crackers outside, but they’re bursting inside theatres…”This is simply not safe!” wrote another. Meanwhile, a netizen wrote, “These people should be arrested for endangering others in this manner.” Check out the reactions of the netizens below.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened inside a Salman Khan movie theatre. During the 2021 release of Antim: The Final Truth, fans set off firecrackers inside a hall, which piqued Salman’s interest. Salman condemned the incident and urged fans not to repeat it on social media at the time. He then released a statement saying, “Please do not bring firecrackers into the auditorium as they could cause a huge fire hazard, endangering your lives as well as the lives of others. My request to theatre owners is that no firecrackers be brought into the theatre and that security should prevent them from doing so at the entrance. Enjoy the film, but please, please avoid it. This is my request to all of my fans.”

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