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‘The Indian T20 Cricket generates more revenue than the English Premier League’- Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly

Legendary Indian cricketer and current president of the Indian Cricket Board, Sourav Ganguly recently made big claims on the Indian T20 League. Speaking at an India League Council Event, Ganguly stated the Indian T20 League earns more revenue than English Premier League.

“I’ve seen the game evolve, where players like me earned a few hundreds and now have the potential of earning crores. This game is run by the fans, by the people of this country, and by the India, which was formed by cricket fans. This sport is strong and will continue to evolve.”, Ganguly said at India Leadership Council Event while speaking to Deepak Lamba, CEO, Worldwide Media, President, Times Strategic Solutions Limited.

“The Indian T20 Cricket generates more revenue than the English Premier League. It makes me feel happy and proud that the sport I love has evolved to become so strong,” he added.

On the being asked about his leadership style, Ganguly stated, “Captaincy, to me, is leading a team on the ground, and leadership, to me, is building a team. So, whether I worked with Sachin, Azhar, or Dravid, I didn’t compete with them; instead, I collaborated with them as leaders and shared responsibility.”

“I believe that the common thing is managing individuals. This country has exceptional talent, ranging from young players to young corporate employee. I genuinely believed that if I wanted to be the captain of a successful team, I had to respect my colleagues so that they could become good players, and that it’s never the other way around; you can’t keep everything to yourself and expect good things to happen; it won’t happen.”

Sourav Ganguly is regarded as one of the greatest captains ever to play for India. In his illustrious career, he represented India in 113 Tests and 311 ODIs, scoring 7212 and 11,363 respectively. He led India in 146 ODIs, winning 76 matches and losing 65 matches. He has a win percentage of 53.90.


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