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Telugu heroine Rekha Boj promises to run naked on Vizag beach if India wins World Cup 2023!

Rekha Boj'

India is competing in the mega-event World Cup 2023. It is demonstrating its strength by defeating its opponents in a series of victories. India won ten consecutive matches in the ICC World Cup 2023 and demonstrated exceptional talent. In light of this, Indians believe India will win the World Cup. In this context, Tollywood heroine and Vizag grandmother Rekha Bhoj made a daring statement.

Rekha Bhoj wrote on her Instagram, “If India wins the World Cup… I will be streaking on the beach of Vizag.” Streaking is defined as running naked in a public place. On social media, this post has gone viral. Rekha Bhoj’s comments are now making the rounds on the internet. However, Poonam Pandey and many other models have previously expressed their stunts if India wins the World Cup in this manner.

Rekha Boj’s controversial remark:

Netizens are claiming that such comments are made solely for the sake of fame and publicity. Rekha Bhoj responds. “Cricket means emotion. So there’s nothing wrong with being vulnerable. I’m doing this for the love of Indian cricket, not for the attention.” Meanwhile, Rekha Bhoj played the lead in a number of Telugu films. Rekha Bhoj, who has appeared in Telugu films such as Damini Villa and Katsayani, owns a studio in Vizag where she performs cover songs. They’re becoming increasingly popular on social media. Furthermore, this beauty is going viral on social media with hot photos.

Along with Rekha, the entire nation is excited for the cricket World Cup 2023 finals. Fans are eager to know what will happen in the finals. The Indians are eagerly anticipating and excited about the match day. Recently, the Indians saw a huge win against New Zealand in the World Cup Semi-Finals. It was a big victory for the Indians and they made sure to celebrate it with great oomph. It will be interesting to see the celebration after the final win of India.  Cricket is not just a sport in India, in fact, it is an emotion. Moreover, there are people who also consider cricket as their religion.

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