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Tamil actor Vijay Antony’s daughter Meera dies by suicide

Popular Tamil music composer and actor Vijay Antony lost his 16 year old daughter Meera due to suicide on 19th September 2023. As per the sources, the young child was suffering from clinical depression.

Vijay Antony's daughter Meera

In a shocking update, the Raththam fame Tamil actor and composer Vijay Antony lost his daughter Meera. Let us tell you, his daughter Meera was only 16 years old when she committed suicide by hanging herself to death. This incident took place at their Alwarpet residence on September 19 2023. This shocking turn of events has left the entire industry in shock. Moreover, the netizens have also come forward to offer their condolences to the Tamil actor and composer.

No one can understand the pain of a father who lost his young teenage daughter. However, his friends and family have come forward to support him in his grave times. As per the reports, after Meera was found hanging in her bedroom at their Alwarpet’s residence she was rushed to a private hospital nearby by her family. The doctors at the Chennai hospital examined her, but unfortunately, they declared her dead on arrival.

Vijay Antony’s daughter Meera was only 16:

As per the insider sources, Meera was under mental strain and was also undergoing treatment for the same for quite some time now. Vijay Antony was on a roll with several projects and gigs on his hands. The actor was prepping for his upcoming movie Raththam. Moreover, he also did a concert in Chennai recently. His recent concert was a huge hit amongst the masses. He lived in Alwarpet with his wife and two daughters.

According to unofficial reports, Meera suffered from clinical depression. A house help found her hanging in her bedroom. Vijay Antony has been working in the Tamil industry for several years now. He has dabbed into several fields in the entertainment industry. After working as a music composer for years in the Tamil film industry. He later became a producer and actor. He is also a lyricist, editor, audio engineer and director. He is married to Fathima Vijay Antony who also manages their own production house.

Further updates on Vijay Antony’s daughter Meera’s untimely death are awaited. The shocking news has stunned her close ones and the netizens.



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