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Exclusive! Actor Prateik Chaudhary gets candid on bagging the lead role in Tose Naina Milaike

The Indian actor Prateik Chaudhary is all set to feature in the upcoming TV show Tose Naina Milaike on Dangal TV as a lead role. In this exclusive piece we bring to you a candid chat with the actor Prateik Chaudhary.

Actor Prateik Chaudhary

Prateik Chaudhary, an actor, is back and playing the lead in Tose Naina Milaike on Dangal TV. The actor confessed, “I’m playing the lead in Tose Naina Milaike, Sanjeev Chandel is the name of my character. His line of work is law. the exceedingly upbeat youngest son of the Chandel family. He is a responsible, family-oriented man who will do anything for his loved ones. The story is very new and fresh. Such a narrative hasn’t been on Indian television as of yet. One of the top producers, ‘Shaika and Cockcrow Entertainment’ is well-versed in their craft. This has to be a unique and popular show.”

Prateik will appear in the programme sporting a new appearance. This will be more pleasant and sober than his past cinematic personas. He continues, “Sanjeev is a pretty well-off guy because he works as a lawyer. Suits, blazers, and waistcoats are the required attire for this event. For this role, I also had to trim my beard. He has a really gentle and upbeat demeanour. After a while, I finally trimmed my beard.”

Prateik Chaudhary on his new TV show:

The fact that this is Prateik’s first legitimate starring role on Indian television makes him delighted as well. He adds, “I’ve performed parallel leads on television before. But because this is my first official lead, I have to give it my all for my audience and supporters. I now attempt to publish additional BTS photos on social media as we are filming. Even though I work 13 to 14 hours a day, I still need to exercise and eat well. We seldom have any free time, and we have no personal lives. But the fact is that you must carry out your obligations. And I am extremely grateful and delighted that I have a job. God has been gracious.”

Simran Kaur, an actress, will be matched up opposite Prateik. He adds of her, “She is enjoyable to work with and a very laid-back and happy person. I’m hoping that we both succeed as a screen couple. The shooting just started. Even though it has only been 15 days, I already have a great feeling about the entire cast and staff.”


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