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Take Two onboard with more GTA games on Netflix

The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) trilogy; Definitive Edition release on Netflix was a huge success. The company revealed that the release boosted their interaction by a lot. This was thanks to how well the game was optimized for mobile devices.

The popularity of GTA Trilogy even surpassed the PC release, which was game-breaking bugs and glitches. Since the mobile port was stable, many people were able to enjoy the game.

Take-Two CEO calls partnership with Netflix a success

During an earnings call, Take-Two Interactive’s CEO Strauss Zelnik revealed that the GTA Trilogy was the most downloaded game. This is thanks to the hype created by GTA 6 which according to him had a ‘halo effect across the entire franchise’.

With the success of the GTA Trilogy on Netflix, Zelnik has expressed his interest in adding even more GTA titles on Netflix. “We’d love to do more with Netflix. Who wouldn’t? As long as the consumers are happy to be there and as long as the economics of those arrangements make good sense,” he said.

GTA 4 and GTA V coming to Netflix?

While the statement does spark some interest, it may take some time to add both games on Netflix. Most devices can now handle GTA 4 if it’s ported to mobile devices. However, GTA V is in a different league. Multiple updates over a decade have made the game a bit more graphic intensive.

While people have recently tried the game on Android devices through emulators, it did not reach constant 60fps. Games like Resident Evil 4 Remake and Village have already been developed for new gen iPads.

A proper port instead of emulation might be able to reach the desired performance. However, it may still require a little more powerful device than usual. Although, by the time a port is developed, most mobile devices may be powerful enough.

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