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Sunil Gavaskar names three greatest IPL players of all time; Suresh Raina, David Warner, AB de Villiers miss out

All three are Indian players.

Sunil Gavaskar IPL

During a recent match between the Mumbai Indians (MI) and Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023, former Indian cricketer and renowned commentator, Sunil Gavaskar, made an intriguing observation. Gavaskar, known for his expert analysis, identified four players who he believes have a significant impact on their team’s victories. These players include MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, and Shikhar Dhawan.

According to Gavaskar, whenever these four players score around 60 or 70 runs, their teams tend to come out on top. Their ability to contribute consistently with the bat and steer their teams towards victory has not gone unnoticed by the cricketing legend. These players have proven their worth time and again, and their performances have often been the deciding factor in their team’s success.

Gavaskar also emphasized the contributions of other notable players such as Lasith Malinga, Kieron Pollard, and Dwayne Bravo. These players have been key figures in their respective teams and have consistently delivered match-winning performances over the years. Their valuable contributions with both bat and ball have played a significant role in their team’s triumphs.

Mr. IPL was not included in the list

However, it is interesting to note that Gavaskar did not mention Suresh Raina, despite the latter’s illustrious career and impressive track record in the IPL. Raina, often referred to as “Mr. IPL,” has been a consistent performer in the tournament and has played crucial innings for his team, Chennai Super Kings (CSK), over the years. The omission of Raina from Gavaskar’s list is likely to raise eyebrows and spark debates among cricket enthusiasts.

While the exact reason behind Sunil Gavaskar’s exclusion of Raina remains unknown, it is clear that the former cricketer’s observations regarding the impact of these players on their team’s victories will generate discussions and differing opinions among fans and experts alike. Such debates are a common occurrence in the cricketing world, where individual perspectives and preferences often come into play.

As the IPL 2023 continues to unfold, the performances of these players and their impact on their team’s fortunes will undoubtedly be closely monitored. The tournament provides a platform for these cricketing stalwarts to showcase their skills and leave a lasting legacy in the highly competitive world of T20 cricket.

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