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Sourav Ganguly to join BJP, Amit Shah to meet BCCI President at his home

Sourav Ganguly was previously approached by Amit Shah last year but the former turned down

Sourav Ganguly
Sourav Ganguly (Image Credit : Twitter)

BCCI president Sourav Ganguly and Union Minister of India, Amit Shah will meet at the former’s home on May 6. It is speculated that Shah will offer Ganguly to join the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) in the future.  Ahead of the assembly elections in West Bengal last year, the former India skipper was offered to join the party. However, the 49-year-old turned down the offer. But the party is keen to have him in the ranks to establish their hold in the state. Last year, the party lost the elections against the ruling Trinamool Congress. The party is led by chief minister Mamata Banerjee.

During the elections, Banarjee had visited the 113-Test veteran. In those days, the chief minister of Bengal had said that there is no problem if Shah visits Ganguly. She had added that the 311 ODI veteran need to buy rosogolla and doi in excess, taking a sarcastic dig at Amit Shah.

“If he (Shah) wants to go, what is the problem? Last time, too, he had visited some homes. Let him go. In fact, someone should tell Sourav to buy rosogolla and doi in excess. “We have rosogolla and doi of very good quality, and we love to welcome our guests with it. I am happy to hear the news,” the Chief Minister of Bengal had said.

On the other hand, the timing of the visit is important given that Ganguly’s tenure as the board president nearing an end. He has given no indication of wanting to get an extension as a board president. It could be a case where the Kolkata-born player might want to do something bigger in life. Joining politics could be an option for him.

Shah and Ganguly have had a cordial relationship over the years. In fact, when the latter was admitted to a hospital after being infected by COVID19, the Union Minister of India had visited the former player. Notably, Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah, is BCCI secretary.

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