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Shane Warne’s family and friends bid emotional goodbye to veteran in private funeral

Shane Warne

Late cricketer Shane Warne was given a final precision at the St. Kilda Oval on Sunday. As many as 80 family members were present at the venue to pay their tributes to the legendary player. St. Kilda was Shane Wane’s favourite football ground.

His coffin was placed in a vehicle and driven around the football field. As the procession marched ahead, ‘The Time of My Life’ from the legendary 1980s film, Dirty Dancing played in the background. Coldplay’s Fix You and Tina Turner’s Simply The Best, were also played throughout the outdoor part of the funeral as Warne’s body was driven away for the final time.

Warne’s son Jackson and youngest daughter Summer wept as they kissed the coffin. Brooke, his eldest daughter, pulled herself together as she did not allow herself to break down during the homage to her father. 

Bridgette and Keith, his parents, were also present for the ceremony. They too appeared heartbroken at the loss of their kid. Shane Warne was a lifelong supporter of the AFL club St. Kilda. The club paid tribute to him in Friday’s home game against Collingwood. Shane Warne’s son Jackson and daughter Brook were present during the coin toss and Jackson was given the opportunity to flip it.

St. Kilda players also paid their respects by wearing jersey number 23 with Warne’s name on it during training. The Saints also had #708 painted on the ground, which represents Warne’s total number of Test wickets.


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