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‘Sahi to keh raha hai’- Twitter sides with fan after Ex-Mumbai player Saurabh Tiwari charges at him with bat for saying ‘khelne to aata nahi hai’

Some also say that the fan was disrespectful.

Saurabh Tiwari

Saurabh Tiwari came into the Indian team as an MS Dhoni lookalike with long hair and an imposing physique. That is however where the similarities between the two players ended.

Dhoni went on to become one of India’s greatest cricketers while Tiwari’s name was lost in the dark pages of history books. The Jharkhand batter still plays professional cricket for the Jharkhand Ranjit team but he’s nowhere as close to being called a popular player. He has also been released by the Mumbai franchise for Indian T20 League 2023 season.

In a recent event, however, the southpaw was seen indulging in an altercation with a cricket fan during a Ranji Trophy match. A video that is getting increasingly viral on social media shows a fan asking the player if he will go to bat next.

The fan asks twice respectfully but the batter doesn’t replay. The third time, the fan asks rudely and Tiwari could be seen raging at the fan. ‘Abe Saurabh iske baad utrega?’ seemed to have angered the player and he charged at the fan saying, “Jahan hai ki nahi ghar yahan se?”

He continues, “Match dekhne aaya hai match dekh, dadagiri yahin utar denge.” The fan asks the player to relax to which Tiwari says, “tu aaram se rah B#*$K.”

The fan at this moment gets even angry and says, “Jh*tu to hai bs*k, khelne to aata nahi hai (you don’t know how to play).” This seemed to have taken Tiwari’s anger to an uncontrollable level and he is seen running out towards the fan with a bat in his hand.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the viral Saurabh Tiwari video: 



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